Dear User,

First of all we would like to express our gratitude for choosing our service to perform “AzəriQaz” and “Azərsu” payments via smart cards. To recharge the balance of smart card you have to know the following rules:

  1. Smart Card
  2. To pay “AzəriQaz” service: This service is available only for “İTRON” type of smart cards. If your smart card meant for “GULF” mark counter, then you can apply to regional department of gas distribution network with request to change it.

    To pay “Azərsu” service: This service is available only for “ABŞERON SU SAYĞACLARI” type of smart cards. Please identify type of your smart card before using the system.

  3. Card Reader
  4. You need card reader in order to perform online payments and recharge the balance of smart card. You can order it at GoldenShop in case if you don’t have this device.

    To get Card Reader please apply to GodenPay office by the address - str. 1/6 Akhmed Rajabli with your ID or by phone number (012) 510 17 13. Working hours: Mon-Fri, 10:00-18:00.

    We would like to mention that these card readers can be used for electronic digital signature as well.

  5. Internet Explorer
  6. In case if you are using Internet Explorer, you will need to pass below steps after you download “SmartCardReader” program:

      1. Choose “Settings” in Internet Explorer browser
      2. Choose Internet options.
      3. Choose “Trusted Sites” and press “Sites” button in the “Security” tab.
      4. Insert to the “Add this website to the zone” field in the “Trusted sites” window and press “Add” button, after what press “Close” button in the below part of the window.
      5. At the end press “OK” in the open window.
      6. Pass to the initial page and press “Start” to begin the process of card reading via “SmartCardReader” program.
    1. Java
    2. To recharge the balance of smart card you need to have Java software downloaded on your computer. You need to download Java by clicking on this link in case if you don’t have it – (

    3. Installation of the program
    4. You will need “SmartCardReader” program in order to recognize Card Reader. To download and install program it is necessary to follow below steps:

      1. Press the Link and download Archive
      2. Right click on Archive and choose “Extract Archive” to add files to the folder.
      3. Right click on İnstall.bat and choose “Run as Administrator” or run program via Admin permission.
      4. If Firewall requires permission to access the network for Java, you need to confirm request.

      Sometimes Windows cannot recognize card reader device. In this case we recommend you to download drivers for card reader device. We advise you to install necessary drivers by clicking on this link in case if the model of your card reader is SCR3. Press on this link in case if the model of your card reader is Atena SCS, to install drivers for 32-bit Windows OS, and this link to install drivers for 64-bit Windows OS.

      Usually there is no need to install these drivers for OS Windows 7 and 8.

      Soon we will provide you drivers for Mac OS (Apple).

    5. Online Payments
    6. You can start online payments of “AzəriQaz” and “Azərsu” services via smart cards without necessity to visit banks, kiosks or other payment points after you finished all above actions. For this you need to follow below instructions:

      1. Insert card reader to the computer and get sure that it is securely connected to USB plug and recognized as a new device.
      2. Get sure on safety of used Internet connection and insert online payments portal address - – in the browser window. Login in the window of registered users on the main page of the portal (insert user name and password). In case if you are not registered pass this (registration) procedure as a new user or perform payment as an unregistered user.
      3. Insert smart card to the card reader so that contact area of the card could be faced chip upwords.
      4. Click “Start” button and wait when the process of smart card information checking is done.
      5. Now you can perform payment via bank card. Please insert amount to pay and your bank card information.
      6. Click “Start” button located below the payment page to load amount to pay on the balance of your smart card and wait when the process is done.
      7. You can un-plug card reader and extract smart card after you receive notification on successful payment on your monitor.
      8. You can apply to in case if any problems occur or any questions rise.